Monday, February 25, 2008

NPHS Class of 57 New Webite


The NPHS class of 57 now has a website hosted by Richard (Dick) Gough. Dick has taken the best from the reunion site added some of his own talents to create a great site for the class. We hope that all members of the class will enjoy the site & participate in making the website a great way to communicate with other members of the class. The links to the site are as follows. To access the site just click these links. I would suggest that you also bookmark the links.
The link below will direct you on how to communicate with Dick to add additional information to the website.

Robie will do her best to reach as many of the class members but you can help her & Dick should you know an email address of a class member. Even if you believe Robie has the email address, it would help her to email the classmate & update them on the new NPHS 57 website. You may also wish to email Robie & Dick the classmate's email address. The more class members that interact the better site will be.

It has been a great pleasure to work with so many members of the NPHS class of 57 for your reunion & we hope that you enjoyed the reunion site as much as we did in producing the site. We wish each member the very best of health, happiness, & success. May our paths cross again in the future.


Thursday, February 21, 2008


We have posted some of the pictures taken on our Antarctic trip. Most of the pictures posted are ones we have taken but several pictures are from the collective photos taken by other passengers & crew on the ship. We would like to give credit to all whose pictures we have posted but have no means of obtaining your identify. So a general thank you for providing some of the photos.

Again, this is a very spectacular part of our world and one well worth visiting and understanding. We remain convinced, however, that one should never take Elegant Cruise ship M/S Andrea. It is just not safe and there are many other more qualified vessels that operate in the Antarctic waters.
We hope that you enjoy these photos and it will stimulate an interest in visiting this most wonderful region of our planet.

Nancy & George

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Antarctic Trip 15 Jan 08 09 Feb 08

We will be posting in the near future some of our pictures taken on this trip. We managed to see a great deal of wildlife on this adventure. The trip was, however, greatly marred by the ship M/S Andrea which is just not designed for travel in the Antarctic. Below is the comment that I felt necessary to post on

We just returned home from an Antarctic trip on this ship. The ship's hotel & dining staff were excellent, food above average, rooms adequate, itinerary standard for an Antarctic trip.
However, the ship was not designed for the Antarctic nor was the ship designed for rough seas. This ship should have remained a coastal supply ship in Norway. I have never been on any cruise where I do not believe one person stated that they would take this vessel again. We were a day late returning to Ushuaia, Argentina resulting in nearly all passengers needing to rebook flights home. No compensation from Elegant Cruises nor even an apology. Stated delay was weather related but failed to mention that the ships engine required repair twice at sea. One time the cooling oil pipe to the engine ruptured spilling over two hundred liters of oil in the engine room. Luckily, we were not near any of the rocky coasts nor was there an engine fire or we would have been another Explorer disaster. The ship is under powered, has no stabilizers, & should be taken out of service immediately.
In my opinion as a former USAF officer, this ship is a disaster waiting to happen. FOR INDIVIDUALS BE FOREWARNED!

For our friends interested in Antarctic travel, it is beautiful place to visit & there are fine ships that travel to the region. Elegant Cruises M/S Andrea is not one of them. When booking, we would suggest that you review the above website for updates from what other visitors thought about their ship.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Welcome to our family web site. Should you wish to contact us, please leave a message & how we may reach you.

Thank you for looking at our web site and have a good day.

Nancy & George Bemis